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Solitaire Knights

For King, deck and country! Welcome to the crusade for power and the favour of luck. Please contact us by email at for support or any other questions. read more »

Advanced Space Shader Documentation

UNIVERSE SHADER Create an infinite universe filled with stars and 3D nebula clouds, each one uniquely shaped. Universe shader quick start: Drag "BP_Universe" into your map Hit play Alternatively you can demo the Universe shader in the included Universe Demonstration map. This preview is intended to demonstrate the procedural nature of the shader and as a result the player pawn is set to move very quickly to allow for exploration. This will cause some visual artefacts in nebulas and clouds. For ordinary usage it's suggested that you limit the player to slower relative movement to avoid nebula "bubbling". Various settings are available in the details panel once you have placed the BP_Universe actor. These include local colour offset (from which the colour offset of the rest of the universe is derived), background radiaton, nebula form, etc. A future planned update read more »

Cel Lighting Model update for the Advanced Cel Shader

The latest update of the Advanced Cel Shader will include a new feature, in the form of a cel-shaded character lighting model, such as the effect seen in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. In the above scene the characters, log and barrels are shaded using the new lighting model. The rest of the scene is shaded using the DirtyManga preset. When doing a low-poly cel shaded game most of your scene's look will be thanks to careful use of textures and materials, but this still doesn't solve the problem of what to do about dynamic lighting. This is where the CelShaded Lighting Model comes in. Usage Usage is simple. First begin by selection a static or skeletal mesh to shade and place it in your level. Next, create material instances of the CelMaterialLit or CelMaterialUnlit. The Unlit version relies completely read more »

The Advanced Glass Shader

If you're looking for a shader that simulates the kind of glass you find used in sculptures, crystal balls or other solid shapes, look no further. This beautiful shader gives you fine control over parameters such as transmission colour, reflection colour, curvature, refraction, chromatic abberation, opacity, specular and roughness. The Advanced Glass Shader also comes with five multi-hue polymer shaders that simulate the coating on helmets, sunglasses and ski goggles by offering both Fresnel and gradient colouration and hue shift. Including four common and hideous art glass creations, the Advanced Glass Shader is the perfect addition to archviz, fantasy and sci-fi settings. This shader is not intended for accuracy with planar glass surfaces. Please use the default Unreal Engine translucency for objects just as windows. Statue used to demonstrate pack is SM_Statue from the Epic demo Sun Temple and is freely read more »

The Advanced Fur Shader

At last, a fur shader for Unreal Engine that gives you the control you want: base, mid, tip and fresnel colour, movement and floppiness properties, edge fluffiness, translucency, length and growth, wind response and vertex or texture based trimming. Here is a fur shader that does it all! This shader even looks great as cartoon grass! Technical Details Direct X 11 required read more »